Wenzhou Shuanghe Mixer Co.,Ltd

About Us

Shuanghe Mixer CO.,LTD.located in Wenzhou,Wenzhou peoplehas excellent quality and honesty, efficiency and win-win situation as the goal of philosophy.
In 1991, the beginning of China's reform and opening up, the first  conical mixer was produced in Shuanghe manufacturing shop, We began to start from scratch, By learning and absorbing foreign technology from high-tech mixer,We designed and manufactured our own development and production with our own patented mixing machine road. After twenty years of accumulated technology and innovation and development, our company had  an independent design, production of various types of mixing machinery and equipment and mixing processes with a complete set of technical facilities. According to customers’ special requirements such as product specialization design, modification from different industries ,we met the  requirements of different equipment. In line with the modern high-tech production, processing methods, and strictly to ensure the quality of products, and improve after-sales service system, completely solve the customer's worries. It became the Ministry of Chemical Industry, China National Chemical Equipment Corporation sentinel production enterprises, and achieve numbers of outstanding scientific achievement.